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Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

General Informations:

Molecular Biology and Genetics is one of branch of the biology that is rapidly developing area and this area investigates the relationship between living and death organisims in molecular level and also effects of the environment. To sum up, Molecular Biology and Genetics researches the evoultion of organisms, examine the genetic and biological properties and anayze how the organisms gain their living properties.

Erzurum Technical University Molecular Biology and Genetics department aims to train qualified person, perform international level researches and serve humanity with science. In this context, the program will graduate students with the specified qualifications and these graduates can be employed in the sectors mentioned below. Furthermore, in the future new jobs will be inevitable according to rapidly changing conditions and new requirements.

Our Graduates can work the areas like;

• Sectors that produce nutrients and medicines depend on biotechnology.

• Health, aggriculture, animal breeding and environmental care institutions.

• Institute that provide foundation and material for Genetics engineering and biotechnology .

Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
General Informations
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