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Department of Statistics

Statistics developed under the favour of branches of mathematics and physics and then taken place in society as a stand-alone branche of science. The core is based to collect numeric datas and benefit from them thanks to probability theory. The topics of statistics are estimates, comparison, data collection, obtaining summary values, analysis, generalizing the society, establishing contacts between events and facts, display with graphics. Statistics is differ from maths due to based on both  application and theory.

The vision of the programme applied in the department of statistics is to educate the students and researchers  who can be part of the researches that contain the extensive samples and who are manager candidate that can make data analysis successfully by collecting data. Also the vision is to make the students and researchers take on a task in determining the economic and social aim.

The proggramme aims to give the basic knowledge in the social and administrative sciences and in technical areas such as Risk Analysis,  Statistics Information Systems, Quality Management and Computer Science besides the statistical theory and methods based on mathematics and to educate qualified individuals who can create scientific solutions to the problems arises in the applications areas.

Statistician can be employed at research and computer unit of public institutions such as State Institute of Statistics, State Planning Organization, Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey, Turkish Standards Institute, Ministry of Central Bank, ISE, banks and insurance companies. In addition, they can work in the market and public opinion research firm. They can work as teaching staff members in the department of statistics of the universities. Graduated students have satisfactory information on data analysis in economical, biological, medical and social sciences fields. Also, they gain expert knowledge on computer programming, hardware, decision analysis, web design and packaged software. 

Department of Statistics
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